Becoming a pastry chef, or p√Ętissier, can be a rewarding career brimming with exploration and creativity. Pastry chefs are skilled in using the latest in kitchen equipment and are knowledgeable in the science behind the baking, ensuring their creations come out perfect each time.

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    1. Dear Sir(s),
      Greetings from YES Tourism & Hotel Management Institute
      Former TKCi Hotel Management.

      Cost of the course:
      Certificate Course in Pastry & Bakery 3 Months
      Total Fee= 33300/-
      Class Start: 23rd May, 2021
      Class Time: Sunday & Monday (Evening: 4 pm to 7pm) 23rd Batch

      Class Start: 26th June, 2021
      Class Time: Friday & Saturday (Morning: 9.30am to 12.30pm) 24th Batch
      Friday & Saturday (Evening: 4 pm to 7pm) 25th Batch

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